Subaru innovates with DriveMyCar

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Subaru innovates with DriveMyCar

Postby motorculture » Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:50 am

Subaru Australia has partnered with innovative “peer-to-peer” car rental platform DriveMyCar to give customers the opportunity to experience the new All-Wheel Drive Levorg wagon.


Using 10 turbocharged Levorgs, Subaru has partnered with to promote the Subaru brand and its cars, via the fast-growing online platform.

With seven Levorgs available in the Sydney market and three in Brisbane, Subaru is helping pioneer the newest development in car rental., which is owned by Collaborate Corporation Limited, enables people and companies access to a wider range of vehicles not normally available from traditional car rental companies.


Subaru is the first passenger car company to operate the program with DriveMyCar.

Subaru Managing Director, Colin Christie, said: “This initiative is in line with our Subaru ‘do’ customer promise, to explore different and innovate ways of meeting their needs.

“It’s a great way to promote both the Subaru brand and – initially- the Levorg.

“There’s every chance we could expand it to other models, with the vehicles then returning to our Subaru used vehicle stock after a certain period, providing an additional pool for our dealer network, where demand is huge for used.” uses its proprietary PeerPass verification platform to ensure customer trust, by managing identity verification, insurance, credit checks, payments and feedback – maximising the potential for safe and efficient transactions.

DriveMyCar provides the platform that enables Subaru to provide “try before you buy” experiences to its potential customers.

Approved users can search for cars located nearby, for added convenience and vehicles can be booked for any period –from seven to 365 days.

All rentals include insurance – including damage and theft – and roadside assistance.

Convenient collection times can be arranged, where an inspection report is completed and the renter then drives away.

According to, renters can save up to 62% compared to traditional car rental companies. It experienced growth in total vehicle listings of 117% in the 2015/16 financial year and 61% growth in rental numbers.

The site has over 29,000 registered users. also partners with UberX drivers in need of quality vehicles at reasonable prices, with the added advantage of flexible rental periods starting from seven days.

The site promotes corporate fleet supplied vehicles with insurance on Uber Marketplace, a portal operated by Uber, which advertises vehicle solutions to prospective UberX driver partners. says that since its Sydney launch in June 2016, the rideshare vehicle stock has been 100% utilised with enquiries exceeding supply three to one.

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