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New Wagon owner

Postby Shrike » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:52 am

Morning all

Just put a deposit down on a pearl white MY14 2013 Liberty Wagon (Auto :lazy2:) for the GF with 98000km and full service history.

Will still need the airbag recall done, just waiting to confirm when I can pick it up

FB25 engine so no timing belt to worry about, plan is to get some roof racks maybe a tow bar and long term I would like to manual convert it

Car will be taken to the snow and is perfect for chucking the dogs in the back

Will take pics when I pick it up

GF is still on p's and I couldn't justify another 10k for a GT

Wanted to hold off a little longer but current car is no longer drivable and GF needs to get to work (currently getting dropped off) pretty sure they didnt sell the my14 with a manual option anyway

Any tips of things I should look at doing let me know :)
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