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New Gen 3 Liberty GT Owner

Postby too_much_boost » Fri May 11, 2018 10:36 am

Hi All

New to Subaru life - Just purchased a 2001 Liberty GT

Came with the following

Blouch 20g turbo
Equal Length Extractors
3in catless front pipe
3in exhaust with varex
550cc STI pink injectors
Golpher Alloy Rad
Unknown ecu
unknown boost (until i install boost gauge)

BC coilovers
Aftermarket swaybars
Front underbody brace

Slotted front rotors
Pioneer Double din

It came with wrx rims (17x7) with old perished and mismatched tyres so the first thing i did was trawl gumtree for replacements and bought a second hand set of Speedy Carbines (18x8) with good pirellis

I'm immediate plans are wheel alignment and dyno run to see how its going. Also a previous owner made a mess of the guards trying to flare them for some wheels that used to be on it. I need to fix that too as it annoys me.

First impression is that the interior is very nice for a 17yo car. Little features like the backlit dash and pop-out cupholder are sweet. Handling is bad atm due to crappy tyres and alignment. Is too loud so will be putting 2 x 3in resonators in the exhaust to shut it up a bit. Doesn't feel very quick (but my other cars are a 250+awkw evo and a 280awkw+ turbo territory so I'm probably expecting too much)

I'd love to heard from anyone who knows previous owners. I bought this car in Sydney but i think it came from QLD or MEL previously

Pics here
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