DrLui's 2005 Liberty BLE H6

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DrLui's 2005 Liberty BLE H6

Postby DrLui » Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:18 pm

Hello all,

Here is my 2005 BLE Liberty H6 Manual

I picked this Liberty up pretty cheap (with a RWC) knowing that there is a lot of work that will need doing that the previous owner neglected and mistreated. I bought it sight unseen and when i first drove it i made a list of things that need fixing in my head, and the list is long but not impossible.

First off was the starter motor, the motor the previous owner had on it was for a 2.5L and the gears was very sloppy whenever i started the car.

Next was suspension knock whenever i went over a bump, with close inspection i noticed that the sway bar bushes are loose so i placed an order with a few supporting mods. Yes i may have gone a bit overboard but i do intend on taking it to the track.
Suspension order list:
-TEIN Flex Z Coilover Suspension
-CUSCO Front Lower Arm Bar Version II
-CUSCO Rear Lower Arm Bar Version II
-CUSCO Front Sway Stabilizer Bar
-CUSCO Rear Sway Stabilizer Bar
-CUSCO Rear Pillow Ball Stabilizer Link
-CUSCO Front Stabilizer Link
-CUSCO Strut Bar Type AS Rear
-CUSCO Strut Bar Type AS Front
-CUSCO Radiator Cooling Plate Aluminum

Going to replace the STI rims with a set of MY10 Liberty rims powdercoated gun metal grey

After i get the suspension and rims sorted i might get the engine breathing a bit better i.e. Headders, high flow cat, cat back exhaust, custom intake pipes. Im not after huge gains, just let the motor breathe better.

Apart from that there are heaps of little things that need doing as listed bellow which i can slowly do on my spare time
-Flush all fluids and replace them with the correct fluids for the car, gives me piece of mind.
-AC not working, had the gas topped up and still wont engage, and no power getting to the compressor. need to track the wiring and sus it out
-Tidy up the interior, carpets, dash mat etc
-I have a Pivot Throttle Controller 3-Drive throttle controller i might trow in.
-Install Double DIN Stereo, possibly an Android unit
-Remote locking is temperamental, thinking its just just a loose fitting behind the glove box
-Rear right door isn't locking with the central locking, got a replacement actuator just need to install it
-A good cut and polish

Apart from that im loving the car more and more and becoming the car i have always wanted. Bellow are a few pics of the car

This is when i picked it up

Doing its work duties

After i got it registered in my name and custom plates onto it

3 different Starter motoros before i got the starter motor sorted

A few goodies to come


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Re: DrLui's 2005 Liberty BLE H6

Postby jslayz » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:15 am

Heck yeah!!

Bet you will love the cars handling after those upgrades :-)
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Re: DrLui's 2005 Liberty BLE H6

Postby DrLui » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:51 am

jslayz wrote:Heck yeah!!

Bet you will love the cars handling after those upgrades :-)

Yea, it should be a completely different car afterwards
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