Stuff Juliars Carbon Tax SALE – free delivery on Coilovers!

Stuff Juliars Carbon Tax SALE – free delivery on Coilovers!

Postby XT_for_me » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:48 am

KiDo Racing are already, and always have been the cheapest coilovers on the forum, but now you get FREE delivery on orders placed in July. Please don't mistake cheap for being poor quality. The KiDo Racing coilovers are as good or better quality, (made in an ISO 9001 accredited factory) as you can buy for less than $3000! In fact if we sold KiDo Racing coilovers using the traditional marketing scheme like others do, there would be an importer, distributor and a retailer who all wanted a margin and you would be paying over $2000. We don't think that’s fair so we import and sell to you guys on the forum directly so you save a bundle. Even with our business model the RRP is $1395 and we sell to forum members for a tiny $1040.00. How good is that?

So until the end of July, stuff the Carbon Tax and bugger paying for delivery, you get quality coilovers sent to your door for $1040!

What do customers think of KiDo Coilovers?

just want to say how good these are
ive had these on for about 1000 kms now and loving them
great ride just loving it

I had Kidos on my old Foz and they were quite comfy, not harsh... they were actually wife approved and I always have my 18 month old in the car. So comfort was important.
Before the Kidos, I had other coils which were very harsh for back seat passengers and I had to take them out. Keep in mind, was running 245/45/18 tyres, so that added to the harshness.

After a couple of days of city driving, I finally got out for a decent drive in the hills to test out the new KiDo coilovers and Whiteline Roll Centre Adjust and I'm blown away at how well the Foz handles now

Here's my quick take on the new setup and performance, mostly for my own record:
- Front is now 85mm lower (695mm ground to arch), rear is 60mm lower (700mm ground to arch)
- For everyday driving I'm running the fronts 10 clicks from soft, rears 20 clicks (40 clicks available)
- Tried 30 clicks rear, 20 clicks front in the hills and it's another whole step up again in response and feel, but too rigid for my everyday
- They are so much quieter than stock when it comes to small bumps, manholes, surface changes and road noise in general
- The ride in the city is very comfortable, but definitely stiffer when weighted or over larger bumps, humps, etc.
- Body roll is all but gone now
- Power and braking response 'feels' much quicker as it is no longer dulled by the stock suspension
- Far less oversteer when backing off power in turns which used to be quite severe
- Great turn in and predictability, consistent steering through corners when on and off the throttle
- One small tyre rub on front right on extreme hard corner with lots grip and camber (not a concern at all)
[EDIT] About 4 months on and there's a little more tyre rub creeping in over time at this height, as I push harder the front wheel arch is getting the occasional dent and pull under the arch - I think it's time to get the guards rolled and add a little more negative camber cos I'm not going back up from here
- Absolutely no creaks or groans from the suspension so far
[EDIT] About 4 months on and very minor creak as I roll out the driveway each morning which goes as soon as things warm up. Also getting a little 'pop' sound in the front right on driveways, etc but I suspect this might be more to do with some of the Whiteline components as others have mentioned similar noises. Nothing to worry about at this stage.
- The KiDo setup is 18.2kg total, which is 15.6kg lighter than the stock suspension at 33.8kg total!

Thanks to Bryce (XT_for_me) at KiDo Racing for supplying the suspension - I'm well stoked with the results!
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