Gen 2 OutB exhaust onto Gen 2 Lib wagon?

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Gen 2 OutB exhaust onto Gen 2 Lib wagon?

Postby DualWagons » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:08 pm

Hi All !
EL-CHEAPO MODS enquiry, #3026. :roll: (I'm not sure if you have a separate thread/folder for this topic... I didn't see one. :wink: )
On my '97 Liberty auto wagon, the original stock exhaust (after manifolds and cat) is pretty tired. It already has a couple of patches on minor holes, and there's probably more to come. So, I'm thinking of replacing it...
* A bit of extra noise is ok, but not heaps.
* I want to avoid putting brand new gear on a car that only has 2-3 years left in it.
* A bit more efficiency would be good though..! Very rarely revved past even 4000rpm, and torque is good for economy.
QUESTION, Pt A: Is the exhaust on a 2.5L Gen 2 Outback, larger than on the Liberty wagon? (e.g. 2.0" vs 1.75" or whatever??)
Pt B: If so, is it a straight swap over? (similar hanger points, rubbers, etc)
Pt C: Are there any consequences I should bear in mind, for other components or systems? (Off the top of my head, I can't think of any...)
Thanks for any advice! :)
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