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MY21 Outback hacks

Postby Ric » Fri Jan 28, 2022 8:02 am

These are useful things that are either hard to find in the owners manual, or not mentioned at all.

Turn off the radio/audio
Pressing the volume knob just mutes the system. To turn it right off, but leave the screen active:
Press the SOURCE button on the steering wheel for a couple of seconds.

Cancel the Voice command function
Press the VOICE COMMAND button on the steering wheel for a few seconds.

Turn off the engine, but keep ACC power on.
Normally, if you turn off the engine while in PARK, the radio etc. will stay on for 2 minutes, or the driver door is opened, whichever occurs first.
To keep it on for longer (even if you open the door)
Put your foot on the brake, shift the gear lever into neutral, press the START/STOP button to stop the engine, then shift into PARK.
Beware, if the headlights are on AUTO, they may stay on if you are in a garage etc!
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