2001 Liberty 2.5 immobilizer hazard and dash lights

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2001 Liberty 2.5 immobilizer hazard and dash lights

Postby mikie47 » Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:17 am

Good morning to everyone on Subaru world. Ok here is the issue/problem I have regarding with the 2001 liberty I have. I was driving home on monday night and noticed that the dash lights weren't working ( I only notice this as this was the first time in a long time of driving at night) so i used the interior lights near the rear view mirror to see how fast i was going etc. Got home and locked the car with remote for the immobilizer was working (Have been having issues with this as it was difficult sometimes to lock and unlock over the last 18 months) Went out on the Tuesday of this week and also noticed that the hazard lights weren't working either but indicators worked. Did my business for the day lock was working etc came home. Then yesterday (Wednesday) went to investigate the dash light issue and went to open the car unlock etc to press the button and as I hadn't pressed the button on the remote the car unlocked itself indicator lights flashed as they normally do so I thought that was odd and then checked dash light fuse which was the illumni fuse replaced it and then tested the dash lights and then it blew. I left it there and then went to lock the car via the remote but low and behold the remote for the locking/immobilizer did not work no flashing etc of indicators so I had to lock the car manually via the old school method the key. Also as I do type this the vehicle has been difficult to start up i.e. When it normally takes around the 3-5 second mark to fire up I have to let it fire over a little bit more for it to start(crank the starter motor over a little bit more) to get it to fire but since the central locking/immobilizer issue it started up great like a normal Subaru should. Any feed back would be great about the issue/issues that I have with this. (pointing me to the right direction would be great)




I am learning about these cars as I'm old school however as if some people may know the good old jap cars have always had wiring issues with them mainly BAD earths.

P.P.S. PLEASE disregard about the hazard lights not working they are as I have found out just after I typed this thread out I thought the switch on the steering column shroud was for the hazard lights but i have now learnt that it is the parking lights and that the hazard light switch is above the ac controller and the hazard lights DO work but with ALL the other information about the dash lights and immobilizer that it is the same issue and I will also add that when I checked the fuse the first time for the dash lights (10 AMP) it was blown and it blew again when I replaced the fuse.

Cheers Again

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Re: 2001 Liberty 2.5 immobilizer hazard and dash lights

Postby bigBADbenny » Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:57 am

You’ll have to look for the short circuit that’s blowing that fuse.

This forum is more gen4 specific so here’s a site & keyword search on Subyclub related to your issue.
https://www.google.com.au/search?q=site ... s-wiz-serp

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