Programming replacement key Gen 4

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Programming replacement key Gen 4

Postby zazutata » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:32 am

Hello, we've lost our spare key (2009 Gen 4 wagon) and looking to replace it due to paranoia around only having one key (teenage drivers, chaotic household etc). Dealer quoted $540 to supply, cut and code. Have found aftermarket keys and genuine ones on eBay and wondered if anyone has done this and what experience you had. Is the programming a DIY job (have done a couple of Ford Falcons in the past) or best left to a dealer? My gut feeling is to spend the money on a genuine key, get it cut at an automotive locksmith and then spend the money on dealer programming. Thanks in advance...
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Re: Programming replacement key Gen 4

Postby BillyCorgi » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:41 am

Yes, lots of people have done this. I now have three keys.

(1) Purcahse a second hand key of ebay for about $20. All we wanted was the remote entry pad.

(2) Purchase genuine Calsonic Key Blank from epay for about $15

(3) Went to locksmith with correct euqipemnt who reprogrammed the remote entry system for the three keys, provided new transponder chip for additional key. cut the key blade for the new key, reprogrammed immobiliser for the three keys. tested function of all three keys. Cost $90.00

So I got a third key for about $130.

Note, when reprogramming remote entry and immobiliser all keys must be presented at the same time.
Gen4 Liberty supports up to 4 keys.
Locksmith has special universal programming tool registered to his name.
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