Are Hitachi ECUs still a pain? Looking for workaround

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Are Hitachi ECUs still a pain? Looking for workaround

Postby JonnoN » Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:06 pm

Have a liberty MY06, hitachi ECU. Based in Tasmania/Hobart.

Throws CEL code p2441, secondary air system valve seized closed.

Want the code/s associated with secondary air system deleted permanently, resulting in no CEL and so I can sell the car and get a subaru from 2007+ with a bloody denso ECU this time.

Been to 4 different mechanics, no one can work with the ECU.

Reviewing older forum posts showed in the past hitachi couldnt be worked with. Has a work around been developed recently?

Additionally, anyone know if the Air System Delete microprocessor offered by Asuka Auto Parts is legit? ( seems like my only cheap option at this point.

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