Clock circuit board

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Clock circuit board

Postby habitual explorer » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:30 pm

So I need to replace the clock in my 4th gen as I’ve tried to fix the intermittent err code but it keeps coming back so I have come to the conclusion it needs to be replaced. but here is the kicker I have a clock with a "bright" button but I have found that most of the replacement clocks for sale do not have the "bright" button, so does anyone know if the circuit board is the same between these and I could Frankenstein my current housing and just use one of the available boards and still have the "bright" function or will I need to sacrifice that feature? Any help or experience would be great thanks
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Re: Clock circuit board

Postby hectickmind » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:21 pm

Not much activity in these forums. I too have the 4 button clock and it's well broken! I took it out and opened it to see what needs soldering, and the whole circuit board looks heat damaged. Ebay had no 4 button clocks either
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