Gen 5 Front Sway Bar Removal

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Gen 5 Front Sway Bar Removal

Postby BarneyGT » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:01 pm


Swapped out the stock rear sway of my 2011 Gen 5 Wagon last week end along with a few other bits and pieces, no problems there. Moved to the front end to install the 24 mm adjustable after putting it off to last as I knew it was more difficult.

After removing the wheels, disconnecting the steering arms and a bit of under body Tetris, started to realise I had underestimated the work required. What is the most efficient method of getting this thing in? Does removing the turbo catted J and front pipe provide the room needed or is there more to it?

That was the next idea but didn't have new gaskets on hand, with the possibility of also removing the sump pan. Don't really want to go cracking sump bolts if I don't have to. I vaguely remember photos of people partially dropping the front cradle, is this necessary?

Ideas or experience welcome, cheers.
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