Make a log!

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Make a log!

Postby bigBADbenny » Mon Oct 11, 2021 11:47 am

Make a log with tuning parameters.

Off boost is fine, unless you’re diagnosing load or boost related issues, on condition that you’ve already properly confirmed no boost or pcv leaks eg using this guide:


15 minutes plus, street and freeway,

long part-throttle & vacuum pulls…

Only if safe for your engine of course, if it can only idle, log idle, again if safe to do so.

The more data the better.

After ecu reset, some advise to “learn the car in” with an off boost drive with some traffic & freeway cruise.

*share* a link to the csv file using google drive, wetransfer, dropbox etc.

Learning parameters are generally FBCK, FLKC, Fuel Correction (STFT/short term fuel trims) and Fuel Learning (LTFT/long term fuel trim), Knock Sum.

Other essentials parameters for logging are referred to as tuning parameters, but generally vehicle speed, petrol afr, rpm, tps, manifold relative pressure and engine coolant are essential for log clarity.

How to log AP: ... ent=safari

When logging, use tuning parameters:
Less parameters = better log resolution, eg don’t use all of them.

Logging Parameters for H4DOTC:
From Torqued Performance:
A/F Correction #1(%)
A/F Learning #1(%)
A/F Sensor #1(AFR)
Engine Load (g/rev)
Engine Speed
Feedback Knock Correction
Fine Learning Knock Correction
Ignition Total Timing
Injector Duty Cycle
Intake Air Temperature
Manifold Absolute Pressure (PSI)
Manifold Relative Pressure(corrected)(PSI)
Mass Airflow (g/s)
Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage
Throttle Opening Angle(%)
Vehicle Speed (mph)
Optional (but mandatory for health check):
VVT angles (L&R)

VVT specific parameters:
Engine Speed
Vehicle Speed (mph) (kph if not logging for a USA based tuner)
VVT angles (L&R)
OCV duty (L&R)
OCV current (L&R)

Logging parameters for H6DO:
From XRT

32bit ECU - H6 3.0R

A/F Correction #1 (%)
A/F Correction #2 (%)
A/F Learning #1 (%)
A/F Learning #2 (%)
A/F Sensor #1 (AFR)
A/F Sensor #2 (AFR)
Accelerator Pedal Angle (%)
Coolant Temperature (C)
Engine Load (Calculated) (g/rev)
Engine Speed (rpm)
Fine Learning Knock Correction (degrees)
IAM (multiplier)
Ignition Total Timing (degrees)
Injector Duty Cycle (%)
Intake Air Temperature (C)
Intake VVT Advance Angle Left (degrees)
Intake VVT Advance Angle Right (degrees)
Learned Ignition Timing (degrees)
Manifold Absolute Pressure (psi)
Mass Airflow (g/s)
Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage (V)
Oil Temperature (C)
Throttle Opening Angle (%)
Vehicle Speed (km/h)

Parameters for Cobb AP, Btssm will have similar but different names, if in doubt just google it ;)
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