Tuning early 2-wire cam sensors on newer post-facelift EJ20Y

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Tuning early 2-wire cam sensors on newer post-facelift EJ20Y

Postby l88m22vette » Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:52 am

So, I have been working on an engine swap into my Outback - 2005 USDM XT with a 2008 JDM Spec-B EJ20Y, and I've run into a wall. The 2008 engine's exhaust cams have different pickups than the earlier EJ20X/Y - early X/Ys have a 2-wire sensor with a 3-slot pattern on the cam, whereas my post-facelift JDM EJ20Y has a 3-wire 4-peak setup instead, along with completely different wiring. I am running a 2005 EJ20X ECU since I kept the 5EAT, I used an iWire add-on AVCS wiring harness and early X/Y ECU, and it is basically plug-and-play with my USDM wiring otherwise.

With the OEM 3-wire ex. cam sensors it didn't talk to the ECU but the engine started and ran (check engine lights for the cams), but when I swapped in the earlier 2-wire sensors (to match my early ECU) it wouldn't even start. I talked to my tuner XRT, they said it couldn't be compensated for with a tune. Can anyone confirm that it wouldn't work?
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