Exhaust options (Sorry for the crosspost)

Exhaust modifications

Exhaust options (Sorry for the crosspost)

Postby Pyr0m4n14c44 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:18 am

Hi everyone,

Could you guys suggest some exhaust systems which would go brilliantly with my TT?

Car's already been tuned by Matt at KidoRacing and will get it retuned once its fitted.

Thanks everyone!

Also random question, is there any twin pipe options for the Gen 3? I want it to have the twin exhaust look (I know I need to find a specific rear bumper for it as well).
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Re: Exhaust options (Sorry for the crosspost)

Postby Adrian2627 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:23 pm

Either get on to Jesse Streeter here in Japan and ask about a BE5 system. There are a few still available here from Blitz, Fujitsubo, and some others. These can be expensive though as they are branded products.

Or, get a custom system built. There are plenty of custom options available these days to suit most budgets. You don't necessarily need to go stainless if you want to save cash. Mild steel will last the life of the car and cost a bit less. MS usually has a deeper note than stainless as well. If you want a twin system this will probably be the only option although it will also depend on where you can weld on hangers.
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