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Re: MY07 Liberty 3.0R Spec.B Exhaust Advice

Postby Bennis » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:18 pm

Tewaka wrote:Yeah will do one under load when I get someone to hold my phone whilst recording lol, but because its a stock system and not a full cat back, its a really good sound and not droney at all.

The standstill vid sounds really promising!! A nice note but not too loud. I would be getting them for my 3.0R outback :) They will likely get a tad louder once they soot up, as I have found in the past when I have installed brand new exhaust parts.
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Re: MY07 Liberty 3.0R Spec.B Exhaust Advice

Postby Swipez » Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:11 am

If you just want a basic, lame stock exhaust with minimal note change, go with a pair of aftermarket mufflers.

If you want something with some punch and energy, get raptor headers, hi flow cats, merge into 2.5 inch, then run an oval hi quality muffler and a VIBRANT PERFORMANCE resonator, then xforce y pipe, then run aftermarket mufflers or STi Quad tips and you'll have a sensational sounding yet legal exhaust note.

If you want it a bit louder, just don't install the oval muffler. There is zero drone and zero rasp. I have spent MANY hours and many dollars experimenting with exhaust options, and finally I have found the perfect set up. This is the way to go for a performance exhaust set up that won't get you pulled over.

I might post a video if I get round to it.
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