Best Exhaust for 1994 Liberty?

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Best Exhaust for 1994 Liberty?

Postby NavyDavieGravy » Tue May 31, 2016 12:35 pm

I have a 94 Liberty 2.2 NA and it currently has an exhaust tip from the previous owner which sounds ok down low but sounds like a fart can when getting into the higher rpm, want to avoid that.

I'm looking for a (2.5") cat-back for even a full exhaust system but I cannot find any out there? Do I need to go to a shop and get a custom exhaust? (Currently in Adelaide)

I want a nice rumble down low and at idle and a nice sound at mid-high ranges. I don't mind if it is loud, as long as it is below 95db at idle.

Thanks for the help!!
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