2005 Outback Xforce Cat back system?

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2005 Outback Xforce Cat back system?

Postby Outbackpilly » Sat May 21, 2016 1:05 pm

I have a 2005 auto Outback 3.0R and I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust for a slightly hotter note. The Xforce
Liberty cat back system looks nice but I spoke to someone at Xforce and they said it wouldn't fit. Can it be made to fit
and how much farting around will that take? I'm looking at the mild steel system and am happy to upgrade the
middle resonator if the note is too hot! The guy at Xforce said I should use Forester mufflers and have a custom
Y pipe made but I'm not sure which mufflers he was talking about.
Alternately I spotted these mufflers at Ultrex:

http://www.ultrex.com.au/subaru-liberty ... p-454.html
will they fit an outback are they any good??

Finally how restrictive is the centre muffler should I ditch it or keep it?
I'm guessing this topic may have been covered before I did have a look and couldn't find anything.

Thanks Ron
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