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Headers on a GTB

Postby Lucas.Hirons » Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:07 pm

Hi guys, just wondering if someone could help me out here.
Currently have a custom turbo back exhaust which sounds great, but am wanting more loud.
How much will getting some aftermarket uel headers change the sound and note? If someone could send me a video of their setup that would be great!
I am planning on upgrading the turbo and going for more power down the track so the upgraded headers will eventually come in handy, but at the minute i am just after the sound upgrade.
I am also assuming i will require a tune after putting aftermarket headers on, if someone could confirm that would also be great, cheers.
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Re: Headers on a GTB

Postby bigBADbenny » Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:23 pm

Stock postfl GT headers are uel.
Aftermarket type might be “more” uel, throbby sounding, I’m not sure.

What’s your current turbo back?
How well does it play with an auto transmission?

I had a hotdog mid and turbo type muffs and found the noise and drone unbearable, and attention seeking.
Not worth the glorious wot sounds alas.

Maybe temporarily try a hogzaust type mod to see if you like the extra noise and drone, its a practicality free mod.
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