Tuning processs

Tuning processs

Postby west_minist » Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:23 pm

For the XRT to tune your vehicle remotely, you will need the following:
  1. The Openport 2.0 Tool - http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?page=s ... &Itemid=53
  2. For WRX and STI pre2008, you will need 4-pin Reflashing connector - http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?page=s ... &Itemid=53
  3. For WRX and STI pre2003, you will need the 2-pin Reflashing Connector - http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?page=s ... &Itemid=53
  4. A laptop running windows
  5. Romraider & EcuFlash - viewtopic.php?f=53&t=7685

Tuning Process
First you will pull the rom from you car and semail it to me, to verify if I have support for the rom. If I do not, it may take me up to a day to gain the necessary support where I can tune the rom.

Secondly, you will also log the car based on my log stats needs and email it to me. The stock logs are only used for base lines

Thirdly, I send you a new tuned rom where you will upload and drive to my specs to gather data from that first tune. Once logs are created, you will then email them to me, so that I can prepare a version 2 of the rom. I will email you this rom for you to upload the cycle begins again.

Once the tune is stabilised, which can take days to weeks depending on your time and availability, the tuning comes to completion.

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