3.0R Customer Satisfaction

3.0R Customer Satisfaction

Postby west_minist » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:18 pm

Dear Customers,

Please post your feedback here on my service, even if you did contact me for general information.

Please find XRT Customer Satisfaction posts:- http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum ... m.php?f=48
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Postby west_minist » Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:05 am

http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum ... rt=10#p871
BlackFlatSix05 wrote:Never fear, Edward is here. I seriously wouldn’t be too concerned that the Vin Tune is no more.

I have been working with Edward Millington aka west_minist for about a week now on creating a safe performance enhancing tune for my MY05 3.0RB 6MT. I was in contact with Edward months ago and he seemed very keen back then to get his hands on a H6 rom when the definitions became available on Romraider.

To begin with I emailed Edward my standard rom along with a collection of logs which consisted of normal driving around town including a steep climb up Bulli Pass. I then continue to log giving him a good example of cruising at 100kph to 110kph. Nothing illegal of course.

Then on level road surface I perform a series of 3rd and 4th gear pulls at WOT from about 2000rpm to 7000rpm. I perform these logs in both directions as requested by Edward.

Once I have collected all the data I then email the logs to Edward.

It doesn’t seem to matter when I email Edward he either emails me immediately or shortly after from his home or from his Blackberry. The guy must never sleep.

I also speak to Edward in Barbados via Skype. Very handy indeed.

Edward then analyses what I have sent and makes changes to the rom accordingly to remove knock etc and emails me back the new rom which I then flash onto my car’s ecu and begin the logging process again.

So far we have sorted the DBW maps and worked extensively on eliminating knock from the rom and have stabilized the IAM which previously was all over the place. Subaru tuning leaves a lot to be desired believe me.

So far without even touching AVCS or adding any timing the car feels great. Very smooth power delivery and the jerky power band that use to kick in has gone replaced by linear acceleration.

Edward is very knowledgeable and knows his way around a Subaru’s ecu. He has tuned many Wrx’s and GT Liberty’s. He has software that enables him to see dashboard on his PC that once the data I send him is loaded it’s as if he’s driving the car. Very cool indeed. I’ve seen a screen shot of it.

I look forward to flashing Version 5 on tomorrow and continuing to work with Edward in developing a tune to unleash the beast within the H6.


http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum ... rt=20#p881
BlackFlatSix05 wrote:The tuning process is almost complete. We began with Edward’s test or finding rom V0 and we are up to V9 however some of the versions were numbered V1a, V1b, V1c etc so many hours of data collection and too many logs of cruise and pulls in all gears from 1st to 6th have been done as well as many kilometers and tanks of BP Ultimate.

Some unseasonably cold weather and now hot weather have made the results somewhat difficult to determine but I have to say that the results are superb.

We started with a car that was constantly trying to find a happy medium by pulling timing due to knock/pinging and an IAM which was all over the place not to mention what can only be described as an uninspiring dead or lazy throttle response.

What Edward has done is made the car come alive the way it should have been when it left the factory. He has tuned the car to suit our fuel and our atmospheric conditions which has transformed the car into something much more acceptable to someone who enjoys driving a drivers car.

The changes to the DBW maps gives the car much quicker and crisper response to light throttle application and the power delivery is more linear just like a cable operated throttle. You actually get in acceleration what input you give the pedal and you don’t need much of it to make it all happen with no delay.

I did ask Edward to make the DBW more aggressive which he did and I like it. Even from his first touch of the rom it was better. He made it like that from the beginning to make it constant for tuning purposes and he told me he would make it more aggressive for me once the tuning was finished which he did.

I still need to provide Edward some logs of rom V9 which I hope to do in the next few days but I’m really happy with how the car is performing so what ever tweaks need to be done now will only be very minor.

If you own a H6 then get yourself a Tactix cable and PM Edward. I’m sure he will help you with a competitively priced tune and you will benefit from the work I have done with him. I was in communication with another well known internet tuner who I was going to use however he had not tuned a H6 either so had no data or base roms to start with. Edward has all the data from my car so it should all happen quickly and smoothly.

Own a H6 ? Do it now.


BlackFlatSix05 wrote:Tuning is now complete for my car.

All I can say is I am more than happy with the service Edward has provided. The final rom was V13. To arrive at this there were many versions. I have 29 saved however, there may have been more that I didn't bother to save.

Many hours of flashing and way too many logs of the various versions/revisions of the roms have been completed to arrive at what we have now.

What was learned along the way is these cars are no where near their full potential from the factory and suffer from fuel pick up problems below half a tank and also spark plugs could do with a change at 50,000km not 100,000 as recommended by Subaru.

I now have zero knock/pinging in my logs and the IAM is constant now at 1 so there is no timing being constantly pulled by the ecu and the car is running at it's absolute best for our fuel and atmospheric conditions.

Compared to how it was before Edward's efforts it is ballistic for a stock 05 3.0RB. It's not like my old WRX but a hell of a lot better than before.

For my last rom Edward tweaked the DBW a little more which has made the car more lively and fun to drive. Edward could tell from the logs that I heal and toe. The DBW changes have made this easier as the throttle responds to slight applications.

I must also thank Tommyspecb for lending me his laptop and Tactrix cable. Without that all this R & D would not have been possible. I will be assisting Tommy with his tune when he is good and ready.

Edward is a top bloke and I hope that this R & D helps him in his business.

For those of you who don't know Edward is about to become a Dad for the first time. Good luck with that Edward. I know you hardly sleep now.

I know I've said this before but honestly if you own a 3.0 H6 Liberty/Legacy and want to get the best out of it then get in contact with Edward and get it tuned. As the mule/guinea pig all the hard work has been done so your tune should be over and done with in no time at all.

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Postby west_minist » Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:32 am

parso_rex wrote:I think West_Minist's services should definitely be considered as an option if you're thinking of improving your Libertys performance. I know from following the various forums over the years he has been in the industry a long time and certainly knows what he's doing. The big bonus I see is that you get to play a part in the tuning process and hopefully develop a clearer picture of whats involved and maybe even learn something. It is quite interesting.
Certainly is a definite for those in cities not serviced by the regular tuners all you would need is access to an openport cable and laptop.

and no I have no ties with west_minist before anyone goes all conspiracy theory LOL :lol:
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06 blitzen

Postby west_minist » Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:32 am

http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum ... p=894#p894
06 blitzen wrote:poor edward should have charged me more for his services, im a bit of a nuffy when it comes to all these sort of things, but his service and patience is to be commended.

will keep you updated

http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum ... t=351#p916
06 blitzen wrote:edward has been great. very patient replies very quickly and has the updates emailed back to you almost as quickly as you get him the log
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Postby west_minist » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:05 pm


missing-snowman wrote:I'd be impressed if you could teach me to understand my own driving!

v2 ROM has improved the linear throttle response without the sudden but exciting AVCS. No flat spots or hesitancy for everything above 2000rpm
Looking forward to seeing the Dyno chart.
Interested in raising the RPM limiter to maybe 7500 for the next version perhaps.

missing-snowman wrote:Hi Edward,

Please see v3 log attached.
Pretty sure I managed full pulls in 2,3+4 but it took a little longer as the roads were busier.

It certainly feels quicker:-)
I used BMW Power App for my iPod Touch and it reckoned 0-100km/h was only 5.41 sec :-P
Can you tell the real time from the log (without timestamps)?

I tried to hit the rev limiter and think I was successful. Regardless, the drive is certainly improved by not hitting the stock limiter.
Interestingly the analogue rev counter indicated 8000rpm but the log shows it was somewhat lower at 7526.

A little hesitation below 2000rpm but again I think the engine was still cold.
Fuel went just below 3/4 during the drive.
Air Con off
Just me in the car.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Many Thanks,
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Postby west_minist » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:10 pm

from Trojan
to socob.bb@gmail.com
date Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 10:18 AM
subject Re: V0
mailed-by gmail.com
signed-by gmail.com,googlemail.com

Much better throttle response to the extent it catches us off guard when we are reversing out of our driveway.
But I also noted increase fuel usage - probably us accelerating faster and thus using more fuel.
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Postby west_minist » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:14 pm

from RAN94A
to SOCOB SOCOB <socob.bb@gmail.com>
date Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 7:36 AM
subject Re: v0 Logs
mailed-by gmail.com
signed-by gmail.com

Hi Edward,

uploaded the new rom and I can definitely notice a difference!

My feedback is power now comes on at 2,500 rather than 3,000. Are we able to get abit more power at maybe 2,000 (not sure if this is possible let me know)
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Re: 3.0R Customer Satisfaction

Postby Portstevo » Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:11 pm

Edward has helped me out so much, and been very understanding throughout the process.

First contact with Edward was frantic trying to find all the appropriate connectors etc, but we got there and got logging :)

Each Rom has been a marked improvement, and although Subaru saw it fit to disable adjusting a low loads/rpm, the car is now very smooth once you get enough load/rpm, though Edward is still working with me on a solution to the low situations :wink:

Can't recommend his services enough!
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Re: 3.0R Customer Satisfaction

Postby BrisLiberty » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:01 am

I have a MY08 3.0RB Liberty which I love, although I have put up with 2 years of pinging and sluggish response, even with 98RON petrol. Subaru were not able/willing to rectify the pinging issue and believed this was "normal" for the car.

I read about Edward's success from this forum and was eager to find out if this tuning could fix the car's problems. My car didn't have rom support available, but this posed no obstacle for Edward as he created his own support.

Upgrading the rom for the first time was a nervous moment as I was concerned I would damage the ecu. However, these concerns were quickly put aside as version V0 proved to be a dramatic improvement as compared to the factory rom. Response was so much better than before and the pinging was all but removed.

We are now up to v5 and I suspect we are close to the final result. The car is so responsive and I've not heard any pinging now for some time which is a great relief. Edward has been very quick to respond to my logs and questions regardless of the time, so I'm not sure when he sleeps!

I now realise the potential of this vehicle and my perseverance for the last 2 years has been rewarded. I find myself taking the "long" way home as I enjoy the drive so much. :D I'd recommend Edward's tune to anyone with a Liberty, particularly the 3.0, as the factory tune is not that good and is not well matched to our fuel.

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Postby west_minist » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:41 pm

EZ30RB wrote:Edward has been great! His service was tops! He has stepped me through the whole process for a tuning noob.

Just uploaded v0, but haven't had a chance to test drive as yet. Will drive and log more and share my experience over the coming week

EZ30RB wrote:Edward sent me a v1 this morning, and can say that the improvements are fantastic. The car pulls smoother and harder down low between 2-4K, picking up speed much easier than before and the flat feeling you get occasionally is gone. Pedal feel is better and more crisp, and you don't need as much pressure to build up speed. Higher revs also feels more crisp and elastic and the engine sounds great on song. I found myself wanting to go faster and faster ;) This is only v1 as well!

EZ30RB wrote:V2 is now uploaded. The car feels very nice. Very smooth all the way to the redline, a definite improvement. Edward has been working closely with me all the way thru, and gives me confidence his expertise. He is very helpful answering all my noob questions, and communication via MSN and email is a breeze as he is around most of the time. Can't wait for the next ROM!

ez30rb wrote:After some more fine tuning, we've arrived at v10 which included some ign fixes for when high speed cruising.

Driving impressions - Pedal feel is just right, and power is smooth and consistent. Edward from XRT is a friendly guy, and knows his stuff. If you own an H6, I highly recommend the services by Edward. If you've had the Upper Engine Cleaner done before, having it tuned feels like that and much more.
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Re: 3.0R Customer Satisfaction

Postby west_minist » Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:22 am

http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/vie ... f=40&t=369

Martin UK - 2004 EDM Subaru Legacy 3R 5EAT - Tuning
tubbylad wrote:For visitors looking at the graphs I must emphasise they only tell half the story.
Originally, my car was pinging/knocking/pinking - whatever you want to call it, it was bad. The local dealer suggested it was supermarket quality petrol so I used Shell and it still was the same. Gear changes were not the smoothest and there was alot of indecision as to which gear it wanted - particularly at low revs medium load.
Then I found the link to extreme....
Edward has been superb, extremely competent and very, very supportive. I was nervous dealing with guy over the internet in Barbados but rest assured he delivers.
The car does not ping/knock/pink and drives so much more smoothly.
Exhaust note is deeper, pull is stronger, gear changes are sublime - so smooth, no lurches - and the car just goes when you put your foot down where as in the past it would have changed down before lifting up its pettycoat and going.
Edward is obsessive, he keeps going and going until it's right - we are on v5e (10 roms) and he suggests we are just about done.
I wanted improved driveability, no knock, smoother/quicker gearchanges and if extra performace came as well then that would be a bonus.
I got the lot and then some.
Can't recommend Edward highly enough.
Get your connector & cable then drop Edward a mail - you'll not regret it.
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Re: Graham - 2005 ADM Subaru Liberty 3R 6MT - Tuning

Postby west_minist » Tue May 17, 2011 3:06 pm


http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/vie ... =390#p1106
MrPotatoHead wrote:This is my car, just posting my thoughts here. Its been a big learning experience for me and for the car, but luckily i usually pick things up pretty quick :). I contacted edward after reading all the good feedback from people that had their cars tuned. I've noticed immediate improvements in throttle response with light applications, and especially with the v1 rom, it feels like it pulls stronger from low rpm. I'm happy with the gains so far, and edward has been very helpful getting me set up!

http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum ... =390#p1115
MrPotatoHead wrote:I've been very happy with all aspects of the service Edward has provided. Considering the time difference he's always been very quick to respond to any questions or updates I've sent. The car now feels much more responsive, more powerful, and more linear especially at the top end. The last 1000rpm is actually useful now! The DBW changes have made it easier for me to drive, as i'm used to a more sensitive throttle. The service came recommended to me, and I would recommend it to others as well.
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Re: 3.0R Customer Satisfaction

Postby west_minist » Tue May 31, 2011 8:37 pm

http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/vie ... f=40&t=391
From: simon
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 3:25 AM
To: Edward
Subject: RE: v3

I would like to start by saying thankyou for doing such a good job and for your patience.
I just flashed V3 DBW and realised how bad the stock DBW is. I dont know how i ever drove the car lol.
V3 is leaps and bounds ahead of stock.
I will flash V3 back on the car.
I did a log but i was in traffic, good indicator of how rubbish stock DBW is, i attached in case you want to look at it.
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Simon - MY07 ADM Subaru Liberty 3.0R spec B wagon 6MT

Postby west_minist » Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:53 pm

From: simon
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2011 6:28 AM
To: Edward

MY07 Subaru Liberty 3.0R Spec B Wagon Manual with SI DRIVE.
Modifications so far include K&N air filter, TEIN S Tech springs, DBA 4000 wiper slot rotors, Dixcel type M pads, lower control arms bushes.

When i first contacted Edward (aka west_minist) he was very keen to tune my car as was I. I didn't quite have the money to pay for the tune in full but this posed no problem. Pay me some now and the rest later, wow who else would give you those options unless friends or family.

I paid $500 via western union with a $50 fee and we got started. I paid another $250 with a $30 fee two weeks later.
So all up the cost to me was $830 for the tune $230 for the tactrix openport II from tactrix. New Denso iridium plugs IKH20 $70 on ebay US delivered.
and roughly $70 worth of fuel for logs only(not including normal driving around).

$1200 was the end result but once you take the leap off faith you will be rewarded at the end.
It is a worthwhile investment as i get a better feeling when driving the car than the day i purchased it.

Started on a friday night did some logs using romraider with my openport II plugged into my laptop, drove on roads i would usually drive.
Logged normal driving style and some general cruising at set speeds 60 80 110 with the parameters edward requested. I then took some logs driving it like i stole it. Did a couple of back to back 3rd gear pulls hold 2000rpm hit log then wide open throttle to redline letting the rpm drop back to about 2500rpm, stop log. Then same road same direction same point. Remember you will hit around 130kmh in a gear pull so do it somewhere safe.
Gear pulls where only needed for stock V0 and for me V4 Totalling 6 gear pulls.

Saturday morning i had my first tune V0 emailed to me which i saved to ecuflash. Connecting the green connectors at the passenger side i flashed V0 using ecuflash then unplugged them. I read up on the forums and watched youtube to understand the process and contacted edward on msn for piece of mind
First drive the car was very different. It was very responsive and had alot of bottom end torque but felt a little flat up top and nothing much like stock. This is just a base setting for the tuning process, but rest assured as you get each Version the car gets better and better.
More logs emailed to edward and V1 was received on....

Sunday morning. The time difference is great while i sleep edward works on the tune. V1 put my mind to rest the car was now sooo smooth. I couldn't believe it the top end power was back and the new torque levels where still there. DBW still felt a bit too aggressive for my likes so we would change it for V2. Again more logs emailed to Ed and another tune emailed back being V2

Monday V2 flashed on car surprised 3 tunes in 3 days that's quick. V2 was great DBW was working well with good feeling, car again was smoother and power felt nice more logs and a few days later V3 arrived.

V3 This is where the car felt really refined in all driving conditions and i didn't think it could possibly improve but.....

V4 This is where its at the car has come to life. Torque is very strong and the top end pull is ridiculous with no flat spots. If you are game enough to test 0-200+ on stock and V4 you will know.
The torque is so good now you can short shift or go into redline easily. I find myself putting it in 5th gear cruising 60kmh instead of 4th.

Its been about 2 weeks since the start of the process and i am about to do some logs on V4 for V5 but i am assuming that's where it will end.

Forget looking at the dyno pulls they don't do the tune justice, driving the car along your usual route is where you will notice the difference in the tune. They are just there for reference.
The car pulls from alot earlier and the power is linear not like the rough power band we are all used to.

The rev limiter has been raised slightly to a safe level. It doesn't have that annoying cut out that we have all hit from time to time going into the red.

The DBW is where i am the most impressed. I was blessed/Cursed with SI DRIVE and for those that have it know what i mean.

Sport# is quite nice when driving hard but too aggressive for peak hour traffic.
Sport mode has so much throttle lag it is almost impossible to drive. I would almost stall the car on take off every time.

Now Sport is very easy to drive throttle is responsive and power is usable in all conditions traffic or open roads.
Sport # has gone to the next level the throttle response is just as crisp but you get more feeling from the pedal.

To keep all my logs consistent i used same fuel from same servo (premium 98 octane) fuel level was always around 3/4 full and i was always on my own to keep weight consistent.
I would usually log between 9.30 and 10.30pm only because of traffic.

Unless you have modified your intake or exhaust you must remember you are tuning a stock car so there wont be massive power gains just better fuelling, drivability and improved torque from earlier in the rev range. But if you have modifications edward can still give you a custom tune.

Overall edward is very helpful and professional. I have no problem recommending his services to the next 3.0R Spec B owner.
These are just my thoughts and opinion.

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Re: 3.0R Customer Satisfaction - Mackay Qld Australia

Postby Tradewind » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:59 pm

I will add one here on behalf of a customer Ed tuned this past weekend in conjunction with myself. The tuning period was around 3hrs and we start from V0 and finish with V3, had a few problems with ROM RAIDER this time and had to get fuel half way through as well just to ensure pinging wasnt fuel level related.

The car is a Lib 3.0RB 2007 Si drive manual w/XFORCE cat back system

The owner text me today with the following comment

This is on V3

Car driving great, notice huge difference in low end

I have V4. from Ed which I will load for this customer soon and then we are pretty much done.

I compared my Liberty this car is slightly more powerful and ever so slowly pulls away
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