DanielB - 2007 ADM Subaru Legacy 3R 6MT - Tuning

DanielB - 2007 ADM Subaru Legacy 3R 6MT - Tuning

Postby west_minist » Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:20 am

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Owner: DanielB
Rom: D2UH001M
Tyres: 225/45R18
Car Weight: 1655kg
Driver Weight: 85kg
Total Weight:1740 kg

HKS Panel Filter
Phat Quad Tip Mufflers

All dyno'es are based on RPM


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Brunsy3.0 wrote:I first made contact with Edward from XRT (west_minist) WAY back in December 2011. Edward was very prompt to replying to each question (no matter now noobish or silly it may have been). Originally I was waiting to upgrade my exhaust system for my 3.0L spec.B H6 6MT before I got it tuned. As everyone knows plans change and life gets in the way sometimes. So a long time later we finally get started on tuning, no exhaust mods besides Phat quad tip mufflers. V0 was sent on 22-05-13 and even this base rom was impressive, the new response of the throttle makes the stock tune look pathetic, and trust me this has only gotten better over the new roms. After V1, V1-avcs was sent making tweaks to the AVCS, obviously. The new roms makes it like a new car to drive, I find myself over-revving 1st gear on take off sometimes as the stock tune had so much lag in the throttle that it had to be held down for a bit and also further down to get the revs right. Now the revs come on instantly and are far more sensitive which makes learning to drive it new and exciting. after a few days the driving experience becomes much more comfortable and the confidence grows. Even the misses finds the new tune more responsive and powerful, She doesn't know how to make sense of the Dyno Graphs but still she can basically tell me (in her own words) that it has more torque, power, driveability, and that the overall car feels much smoother. I am currently on V3 and if the results from my next log are what Edward expects than it will be the last....for a few weeks anyway.

I have ceramic coated headers going on in the near future and absolutely cannot wait until they're installed and we can get the retune underway. Edward has not only been informative but VERY patient. I went from not knowing a damn thing about tuning, logging, reading Dyno figures, hell I didn't have a clue what a Tactrix Openport 2.0 cable was. I was a little hesitant at first, especially when messing with the brain of the car that I had not had ANY experience with whatsoever. But after showing me the ropes I was much more comfortable with loading roms, recording logs, and doing all the other bits and pieces (which isn't all that scary once I had done it a few times). I have to thank Edward for all his time and effort, and especially for making the car the way it should have come from factory, a BEAST. Edward seemed almost as excited as I was to get the tuning started and for each and every rom, making changes and tweaking this and that (most of which I cannot get my head around). So for anybody looking to get tuned by XRT, stop hesitating and just do it, seriously best bang for buck I have done to the car yet.

Thanks again Edward for all you have done, cheers.

Brunsy (DanielB)
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