MohammedN - 2009 SDM Subaru Legacy 3.0R 5EAT - Tuning

MohammedN - 2009 SDM Subaru Legacy 3.0R 5EAT - Tuning

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Middle East Tuning

Owner: MohammedN
Rom: D2TB201V
Tyres: 215/45R17 91W
Car Weight: 1545kg
Driver Weight: 60kg
Total Weight: 1605kg

3" catback split to 2.5" to mufflers HKS
Cats free
Cosmo Racing CAI
Tein Lowering Springs S

All dyno'es are based on Speed

XRT Tuned vs Stock kw.png
XRT Tuned vs Stock kw.png (37.1 KiB) Viewed 3279 times

XRT Tune - Red & Blue

homeaway wrote:it was a pleasure working with Edward

at first i thought NA tuning will just be useless, i thought if there will be any difference it will just be there without me noticing

from V0 oh my god with all that pining around and responce i was just smilling and the experience of driving my car was a pleasure

i ended up with V4 wondering why factory tuning was that bad

car response and idle very fast throw the gears

i used to record 0-160 times just for fun and reference since i got the car from factory

so i said why not trying to record one for current tuning

i just did with V5 which i just uploaded and guess what ?

there was a hole second and a half dropped in time

car must learn and am sure it will get better

you just cant believe it untill you see it.

now preparing for SC tuning and i feel my car is in the right hand

thank you very much Edward

you need to rest now coz damn when you got to sleep!!! :D
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