The Official Fastest Liberty Thread v2 (1/4, Dyno, 0-100)

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The Official Fastest Liberty Thread v2 (1/4, Dyno, 0-100)

Postby HardwareBoB » Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:37 pm

OK guys, I'll do this again - and we'll start from scraatch, the other post was well old.

- 1/4: Full time slip required
- Dyno: Graph required
- 0-100: Only if you have a 1/4 or dyno figure
- Must post in the following fashion:
Event: Name of the event
Location: Name/location of the track
Date: 03/12/2012
Ambient Temp: in degrees celsius
Elevation: use google for this
Weather: Rain? Clear? Overcast?
Car: Year, make and model
Tuner: Name of the tuner and/or workshop
Track info: 1/4 drag strip? Website?
Transmission: 5MT, 6MT, 5AT etc.
Engine/Power Modifications: Anything that adds kw/horsepower to your car i.e. bigger turbo, intercooler, exhaust, injectors etc.
Driveline Modifications: Stock/Upgraded clutch, light weight flywheel, upgraded drive shaft, upgraded rear or center diff etc.
Suspension Modifications: Struts, springs, coilovers, braces, bushings, and other items that reduce body motion and increase power transfer to the ground
Other Modifications: Weight removal, addition of a roll cage, lighter wheels or rotors, smaller than OE diameter tires, and other items that affect vehicle weight, rotational inertia, and power delivered to the contact patch
Peak KW: Max kw
Boost: Max boost
Fuel: Brand/Octane i.e. Caltex E-flex, BP Ultimate 98 etc.

1/4 Time: Time you ran the 1/4 in and at what MPH. You need to provide all the above info.
Dyno Figure: Dyno figure from your dyno graph. You only need to provide Car, tuner, transmission, engine/power mods, peak kw, boost and fuel for this.
0-100 Time: Explanatory. If you have run a 1/4, you can use your timeslip and this spreadsheet to calculate your approximate 0-100 speed: 0-100 calculator

Picture of Timeslip
Picture of Dyno graph
Screenshot of 0-100 calculation if available (ECU Data scan, phone app etc.)

Top 5 Quarter Mile Times

Top 5 Dyno Figures

Top 5 0-100 Times
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Re: The Official Fastest Liberty Thread v2 (1/4, Dyno, 0-100

Postby dr20t » Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:34 pm

As I understand it the order still remains for 1/4 mile times but power figures have since changed

I'm going back out again very soon to see what time I can get.
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