Racewars 2016 - Possible Cruise

Would you come to a Racewars 2016 Cruse

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Racewars 2016 - Possible Cruise

Postby Veldex » Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:59 pm

Hey all.

I was thinking of hosting a cruise and the idea of Racewars 2016 came to mind. If I were to host one for the round trip, would anyone come? This is assuming of course, if it goes ahead.

Basically trying to weigh up if it's worth going or not. This event is not restricted to Libertys, or Subaru's for that matter, just a gathering of car enthusiasts of all walks of origin.

Would be appreciated if we don't get any repeats of dickheadednessness (Those who came to the Oct. 11 Three Dams cruise would know what I'm talking about).
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