Are QLD Cruises happening anymore?

Are QLD Cruises happening anymore?

Postby Fox » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:03 pm

I see it's been a while since one has been organised on here.

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Re: Are QLD Cruises happening anymore?

Postby Crampy » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:03 pm

Yes, and no.

Occasionally a few specific members including denjamin, WIDELOAD, Kody.B, craig_, ferret89, a few others I'm not sure of the forum handles for, and myself do meet up for dinner, but it's not as regular as it used to be. Due to a variety of factors*, cruises are even fewer and further between.

* reasons...
  • mostly our respective subarus have driven us broke
  • but also P-platers in cars crashing on all the best driving roads means we can't go play without losing licenses anymore
  • we've all reached the point where we all have our own things happening with respect to work, and simply don't have the time to go for a drive.

With that said, we are more active on Facebook these days, so introduce yourself on the Facebook page, tell us who you are, if we like you, you might be invited along if we do decide to go play one weekend.

A word of caution...
please search the forums and the facebook page before you ask a question about your car - the forum has reached a saturation point - anything you think you want to do to your car, from routine maintenance to swapping x/y/z - has already been done, or if it hasn't, there's a reason no-one has done it.
A lot of people have waltzed in, not searched, and just asked in the page thread of the Facebook page expecting legions of other members to drop everything to help them. Club lib doesn't work that way.

Also, prepare for people to hate on your gen5. Due to the size difference between it and any prior generation, they're known as boats.

Your 2009 GT, is it a sedan or wagon?


Welcome to club lib, enjoy your stay.
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