STI/JDM... Grill for an '06 Outback

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STI/JDM... Grill for an '06 Outback

Postby *thomas* » Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:37 am

Hi all

I decided to give my Outback the STI treatment and wanted to start with the grill and badges. But, I can't seem to understand what part will go on my Eurospec 2006 Outback. I really like the S402 or STI look, but am not sure if they will fit without any modification. I Have a pre facelift Outback, and I know that you can't interchange grilles from post to pre facelift on the Liberty, but what about the Outback?

I've found a mesh grill that would also fit my car (that was an accessory a few years back), but would much prefer the honey comb look.

Any suggestion and/or info greatly appreciated.


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