2011 Liberty HID changing to 100W LED

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2011 Liberty HID changing to 100W LED

Postby evilsim » Sat Nov 07, 2020 7:36 pm

Hello Liberty folks !

I have been unimpressed with the Xenon bulbs in my '11 Liberty GT. I have replaced the bulbs with new Philips ones and replaced the ballasts too. The light performance is so bad on these things. They are only low-beam, but its dangerous to drive at night in my opinion.

Previously a Forester owner (twice) I had a Philips H4 LED kit in the '06 Forester, then I had factory lights in the '16 Forester, both were fine.

So I have decided to go back to LED in the Liberty and have bought some D2S LED bulbs (with their own in-line ballast).

Now for the install, this is where my question comes in.

Will there be enough juice available on the 12v rail, in-front of the HID ballast (I will unplug the HID ballast but leave it in place to waterproof the whole light fixture), or should I use a relay. Given the LED's are 100W, they will draw about 8ampers at 12v.

Thanks for any advice ! It's a bit of a job to remove the front bar, to then have to figure all this out on the fly. Its my daily driver and I just wont have time to stuff around once the bar is off.

Many thanks for any info. Does anyone here have a workshop manual for the 2011 Liberty GT ? That would help me lots.
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Re: 2011 Liberty HID changing to 100W LED

Postby bigBADbenny » Sat Nov 07, 2020 9:21 pm

FSM link in my signature.

Personally, I’d grab a spare set of headlights, do the led mod and restore/recoat the lenses.
I use 2k clear from paint spot :good:
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