2.2 conversion

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2.2 conversion

Postby 95lxliberty » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:09 pm

i am new to performance conversion.

I know this has probably been covered heaps on this forum. but I have a 95 liberty ej2.2 and a 91 ej2.2. one is written off vehicle.

I am thinking of converting my 95 liberty to a turbo. I have done some research. some say not to bother doing it. others say they have made a turbo kit for under 1g. some say transplant a 2.5 others say a ej20. whats the best bang for buck as i don't have much money for mods or anything. sort of want it to a daily and a play car but nothing too hectic.

I am wondering if anyone has done this before and what their personal experiences with it all is. is it worth turboing the already ej2.2 in there at all.

should i just buy a half cut ej20 wrx motor. or would a impresa motor be all the same. I'm finding it hard to find information. ive even rung some performance shops round town and they haven't done them or no one really knows.

any help on this would be terrific.
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