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Exhaust Question

Postby Nadroj » Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:32 pm

Hey everyone!

I am in a bit of a pickle with my B4, the cat has a crazy rattle coming from it and needs to be replaced. The exhaust is stock except for an apexi rear muffler.

I thought since i was spending money on the exhaust i should try to unleash more of the boxer rumble as its still quite muffled with the apexia rear.

I got on ebay and found the mid pipe from MRT but after doing a bit of research it doesnt bolt up to the standard down pipe and rear muffler (they expect you to buy the rear muffler, mid and down pipes seperate) but neglect to tell you that it won't bolt up to the standard setup.

I live in Port Hedland WA and the closest exhaust place is 400km away so i wanted to get somethingthat i could buy and just bolt up.

Since this is not going to happen and i have to make the trek my question is, can i get the mid muffler replaced with a hgh flow hot dog and high flow cat and get the sound i am after without negatively affecting the car?

And what kind of muffler and cat do i need to get?

Your opinions and thoughts are appreciated!

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