Front drive train noise.

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Front drive train noise.

Postby B45Spd » Tue May 05, 2015 11:03 pm

I need a hand diagnosing noise in the front end of my 02 B4 5spd.When i was coming home from work today I was doing about 50 kph on a straight bit of road when I heard a clunk from the front end and it felt like the something in the front end garbed.I was able to drive the 500m to home with no problems.About 4 hours later I took it for another drive and when I put it in reverse it didn't want to move and then freed up,so I took it for a slow drive and it seemed like nothing was wrong until I got up to 45-50 kph and then a whirring noise started.The gearbox has always had a whining noise band that was still there but this sound was different.When I got back to my street I applied the clutch at about 40 kmh and noticed that the car would not roll very freely.There is no noise when I go around a corner.Oil is Penrite Trans Gear 75-90 and only replaced 5000 kms ago.I have sent hours looking on the net for solutions but have not come up with any definite answers.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Cheers Guys and Girls.
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Re: Front drive train noise.

Postby QWIKB4 » Mon May 25, 2015 11:18 am

Any luck with finding the drama yet?
First suggestion would be to get it up on 4 stands or a 2 post hoist and spin it up and listen underneath.
I had a previous Nissan that had a faulty front caliper that would drag and cause noises once it got hot.
Hope its not too serious.

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