HEADUNIT upgrade for 04

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HEADUNIT upgrade for 04

Postby Hungry Jays » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:39 am

Hey guys

So I've just recently bought a 3.0L 04 liberty, and I'm looking to upgrade headunit...
the person I bought it off seems to have put an amplifier in already, which isn't hooked up to a sub just yet, and it seems there is only sound coming out of the tweeters.
that's one issue.. but I've been looking to replace the headunit with a 'Sony 6.4" CarPlay & Android Auto AV Receiver XAVAX100'.
I've also already bought the AV panel set from AVOjdm, just wondering if anyone has any guides as to what else I'd need, installation process or any recommendations.

I've had a poke around at some of the posts on here, and there's some really good stuff, but I haven't found anything for my particular situation just yet.
I'm new on here, so any help would be much appreciated !
let me know if I've left any details out that you can think of.

cheers legends !


the link for the headunit I'm looking at: https://www.autobarn.com.au/me23467
and the AV panel set I've already bought: http://www.avojdm.com/product_info.php? ... 6a5b3bqqc3
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Re: HEADUNIT upgrade for 04

Postby jp928 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:29 pm

What do you already have in the car by way of HU? If you look around in this section (other threads) one has a pin out of the std Suby connector. Look up the pinout of your new HU. I think Aerpro do a suby connector and cable - several options available. Most HU these days use std colour wires for in and output. If you need special help lookup svxdc (Dave Carter) here http://ae64.com/ and on legacygt.com, or on nasioc.com - he helped me when I did my conversion . I ripped out the Mcintoss HU and amp, and fitted a JVC DV-6xxx HU. Dave made me a cable to go from jvc output to the original Suby speaker connectors under the pax seat, works fine, a little soldering required. I dont miss the amp or the sub woofer at all.
Some of the better HU these days have pre-amp outputs as well as speaker outputs, so check before you start buying things , and workout whats needed. My HU has both, as well as it reads DVDs for audio and video, has a cooling fan, and its equalizer is great.
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