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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby tksGTB » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:18 pm

ct23 wrote:Hi guys,

Forgive my ignorance I'm new here - just bought a MY07 GT B Spec and loving it :)

Is the Anycarlink AL-1080A the best way to go? If so, where can it be bought I have searched everywhere online with no luck.

I've also had a look at GROM products on which seem okay but apparently they disable the factory stereo buttons on the unit and steering wheel and everything must be changed via the phone - definitely not cool.

Is there anything else that anyone recommends? Any other products out there that will do the job?

All I want is AUX connectivity - USB/bluetooth would be nice but AUX is what I desperately need.

Thanks :)

Hey man

I have the Grom IPD3 in my MY08 gt spec B. Steering wheel controls work just fine. Changing tracks is just as per normal. You press up to answer calls and down to hang up. Its pretty good kit and with software updates it has been working very well .
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby GOD12A » Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:46 pm

Heya guys,

I've just installed a GROM BT3 (Bluetooth) into my MY07GT with McIntosh PF-28241 (Jap manufactured) head unit.
It took less than 30min to install and have music playing, then another 30min to mount the box under the steering column, position the microphone and make/receive a call via bluetooth.
Wickedly simple. I hadn't previously touched a clip on the Liberty dash so this was a first time effort (I've modified cars for many years, but not this particular model) I could definitely do it faster next time!

Exact model:

Contrary to some sites/forums, my 'Made in Japan' head unit works fine with steering wheel controls.
The steering wheel buttons work reasonably quick, as fast as changing track on CD. Call quality is good and apparently the receiver quality is quite good also (although I haven't confirmed personally)
There's very slight background noise with music, but unless you're an audiophile, you likely won't care. And if you are an audiophile, why MP3s over bluetooth anyway?! I like my music and it doesn't bother me.
As all bluetooth hands free kits, there's a ~2sec delay when you answer a call to start talking, but I haven't experienced a kit that hasn't had a delay.
My only surprise was when receiving a call, my mobile rang with the normal ringtone while the music dimmed and a different ringtone came over the speakers. Far from a deal breaker...

All up I'm very happy with the purchase, quality of device and ease of install. "Will deal with again A++++++"

Mark :)
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby scottb721 » Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:41 am

I already have a BT device that plugs into the AUX IN but I don't have anyway of controlling the media playback, and I've been unable to find a BT 'joystick/jogdial' which will do that job.
The GROM BT3 seems to be my only solution however I do have a question.

Can the GROM be set up (maybe at the phone end) so as not to handle the phone calls ?
I already have a car kit fitted and would like to continue using it.

08 3.0 spec B
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby Kesh » Sun May 17, 2015 3:35 pm

Where are you guys buying the Anycar Link 1080's from? No one seems to be selling it anymore.
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby niksta » Mon May 18, 2015 12:38 pm

Kesh wrote:Where are you guys buying the Anycar Link 1080's from? No one seems to be selling it anymore.

These guys are still selling the anycar units
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby bennygsr » Mon May 18, 2015 10:17 pm

I can't remember off the top of my head how long I've had my Grom unit with the Bluetooth now - about 6-12 months and the phone charging, talking and ipod was working well -at one point a connection came loose, so I had to reconnect a cable at the back of the control unit in the dash

The AM in the radio stopped working (not sure if its the antenna amplifier), but given the CD player isn't working either. Can't help but wonder if all my connecting- and removing of the control unit in the dash has maybe been a catalyst for this stuff.
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby Milhouse » Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:10 pm

Installed my 1080D in my MY04 3.0R-B and mostly good news!

Install was quite easy, I managed to do it in about half an hour with absolutely no experience in dismantling/installing stuff. Only managed to lose one screw!
Used this guide: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=17765.

iPod connectivity works great with an iPod Classic, sound quality is fantastic playing lossless files and the steering wheel controls work well.

Cannot for the life of me figure out why I can't get the AUX to work. Used two different AUX cords (both of which were tested and work in other applications) on both an iPod Classic and an iPhone 5 and it just seems the AUX port doesn't work. No crackle or noise when you plug a 3.5mm cord into the Anycar like I get with the iPod cord and nothing plays through the speakers when I play something on my iPod/iPhone. The iPod Classic definitely works with the iPod cord but not the AUX which I figure puts it down to the Anycar. I've been using the RDM button, pressing once, twice, any amount of times at various intervals to change to AUX and still zilch.

Another small annoyance is the iPod not pausing when the car is turned off but that's fixed by changing back to radio etc. on the head unit or manually pausing the iPod.

Overall pretty happy!

EDIT: Okay, emailed the guys in New Zealand who I bought it from and they got back to me. Apparently the AUX input on the newer range of Anycars is 'signal sensing' so it automatically switches to AUX when it senses audio. This means no pressing RPT twice for AUX like in the original post any more. I was also recommended to put the volume up to max on the iPod so it had the best chance to detect any audio but that wasn't an issue for me. So a heads up for anyone buying one now, you may or may not need to fiddle around with the RPT buttons to get it working (though I did not).
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby jiggabite » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:48 pm

So after driving 1400km+ over the christmas break, the radio got boring and the FM transmitter didn't cut it. I'm one of the lucky ones who bought the car second hand which didn't have an AUX cable from factory.
I really do not want to spend $120+ for the AUX cable from subaru, so started hunting.

After searching a pin-out image which was posted on this thread, I came across Beatsonic from Japan ( ... aux-input/) who have a compatible AUX cable for cheaper. I contacted the Australian distributor ( and placed an order today. The cable was $66.50 including delivery, eagerly awaiting it's arrival now!

Some additional links found while hunting for some who are keen for the DIY method.

kane2785 wrote:
Heres a little diagram to get the AUX input working :)
This is if you have the AUX button and the correct connector on the back of the radio. (eg: GX-204JH)

Subaru AUX Pinout (Unit with AUX Button).jpg
Subaru AUX Pinout (Unit with AUX Button).jpg (188.93 KiB) Viewed 630 times

Sorry about poor quality scan.

Once that pin is grounded - you will be able to switch to AUX.
Then simply wire up the L & R & signal GND.

Hope this helps,

Wavetech Imports

I can confirm that this works for a '07 tbSTi with a made in Japan PF-28241. The AUX button now functions and audio is heard.
I made up a cable, with female header strip. Something like: It held in nicely, with a little hot melt.
Worth noting is that the 'Green" wire must go to chassis GND, not AUX GND in order for the radio to recognise the input.
The level was on the low side, so I also added a amplifier in series. I now have Full volume at 1/2 setting on a Nexus 5, and ~35 on the head unit.
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby Curley5959 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:08 pm

So my GROM BT3 decided to pack it in yesterday, only a few months out of warranty (as usual). Looking at an Anycar 1080B. However, having difficulty sourcing one as the usual websites are out of stock. Anybody purchased one recently and where from? Thanks
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby Espresso_ » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:06 pm

Hi all

Just installed the Grom BT3 unit in my (NZ new) Subaru Legacy GT 2006 (maybe 2007 - not sure) with the McInstosh PF-28241 head unit. It works a treat.

Bluetooth only (streaming and calls)
Confirmed compatible with head units:
NZDM 2006/7 McIntosh PF-28241
Confirmed compatible with input devices:
iPhone 5, and iPhone 5s
Supports steering wheel controls:
Yep - up and down change track. Haven't checked what they do in a phone call scenario.
Provides information to HU display:
Nope - just shows "CHR D01 T50" or something.
Slap Audio in Wellington - they've done a bunch of GROM installs. They had stock on hand and it installed it the day after I called. Top stuff. $280 inc GST installed.
- On my install, it's activated by pressing the CD changer button twice (I assume acting as if it was an external CD changer).
- Pairs easily and robustly, and handles multiple devices with preference given to the device paired first
- Phone call quality in and out is great (on par with the factory integrated Bluetooth in my Volkswagen R36 for comparison).
- Audio quality is as good as I was expecting
- Installation is quick and easy (so don't let your installer charge your three hours labour).
- Fades nicely between calls and audio streaming.
- If you leave the car and turn it off and come back it will just resume playing a song seamlessly from where you left off.
- If you change mode (eg to FM) and changer back it won't remember the song you were listening to over Bluetooth and resume playing.

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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby SuiCid3 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:21 pm

So has anyone come across a DIY method for the 20-pin IPOD/CD Changer connection?

The pin out is available here, but I haven't been able to find anyone that has used this port for aux in.

I've got an 04 wagon that has a GX-201KH.
This is the back:
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby Aldas » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:39 pm

Hi everybody,

I have this kind of stereo and I tried everything - Subaru Media Hub, Subaru iPod adapter and GROM BT3. Any suggestions? I have AUX, but I want to connect my phone via Lightning or Bluetooth...
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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby SuiCid3 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:15 pm

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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby SpearfishingAust » Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:40 pm

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Re: The USB/Aux-in/ipod compatibility superthread

Postby baron » Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:30 pm

Quick question for those of you with Grom units, particularly the BT3; will the steering wheel controls work with bluetooth? I.e., is it possible to change tracks via the SWC during bluetooth playback? and will a call interrupt, for example, USB playback? If not, is there anything on the market with this capability?

PS apologies if this has been answered (probably has); I searched to no avail.. this thread is a behemoth!
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