Gen V ej255 boost gauge

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Gen V ej255 boost gauge

Postby senates » Thu Jul 06, 2023 4:12 pm

Hiya all, im wanting to put a boost gauge on my 2010 subaru legacy gt (ej255) so i can keep track of my boost, ive seen conflicting things online about where people have T'd their on, im just wanting to know if anyone here has added a boost gauge and where they added it, cheers!
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Re: Gen V ej255 boost gauge

Postby bigBADbenny » Thu Jul 13, 2023 12:42 pm

It’s usually convenient to tee into the bpv manifold pressure reference hose or the map sensor pressure reference hose.

Alternatively use an obdii plug and phone app with virtual gauges, I use btssm on android with a vagcom kkl 409.1 usb obdii.
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