Car Hoist Hire/ Work on your car

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Car Hoist Hire/ Work on your car

Postby selfserveauto » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:15 am

:D :D :D :D Hi guys,

Not sure if this is allowed if not I'm sorry please delete

So let's get into the post.

My best friend and I have decided to open up our business which is called SELF SERVE AUTOMOTIVE interesting business name what must this be ? You are thinking.
What we provide is a hoist for hire with tools you are able to come in hire a hoist and work on your car, go crazy do whatever mods you'd like to do on your car (as long as it's safe!)

We don't just provide hoists and tools our atmosphere is welcoming by everyone customers and staff, you can bring in and show off your car meet other people as well who are passionate about cars.

We have plenty of plans that will be forthcoming stay tuned follow us on social media I hope to see you guys swing past!
:D :D

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