2.0 EJ20 Manual Turbo Replacement VIC

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2.0 EJ20 Manual Turbo Replacement VIC

Postby alienman » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:06 am

Hi All,

Looking for recommendations of where to get my TD04HLA replaced on the cheap in Melbourne. Mine shat itself.

Car is a 2005 liberty GT 2.0 manual

So far, I've approached workshops around town for quotes (I won't name & shame here):

1. $2.5 k - NOT fitted! (genuine - out of state)
2. 5.1 k - NOT fitted! (official)
3. 2.5 k (ballpark fitted - guy wanted to control the narrative, so no)
4-50 - Multiple thousands.

I would like it to last 100,000 if possible. No retunes preferable. I'm aware you can get the Kinugawa TD04HL-19T on eBAY - I understand this would be a reasonable slight upgrade. Am I correct in this?

Am I in the ballpark?


A few days of research gets me the following info:

1. The Only reliable OEM replacements at wreckers are all sold.
2. Kinugawa 19t is the only drop-in replacement on eBAY - forget the much cheaper ones. The 20t won't fit either without a retune.
3. There are no easy drop-ins - VF38/44 need new up/down.

Is my info right?

If it is, what's the difference between a turbo cartridge and full snail etc?

Thanks all
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