Potential market for Gen IV bonnet vents

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Re: Potential market for Gen IV bonnet vents

Postby Stifull » Thu Dec 22, 2022 8:28 pm

I think on a turbo model that it would look good with the same positioning/distancing etc as the gc8s have theirs, just to bring back that famous look that had them standing out all those years ago. I'd be up for that and somehow have them secured from the inside so the rivet could be done away with to get completely away to an aftermarket look.
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Re: Potential market for Gen IV bonnet vents

Postby Yowie » Fri Dec 23, 2022 8:00 am

Now, empirical data:

@ 30°C ambient temperatures, max water and oil temps, whilst sitting in traffic, rise to mid nineties: I've seen 94°C for water and 96°C for oil. It doesn't rise beyond this. Looking at traffic through a column of heat haze is very satisfying. Under-bonnet temps rise to over 50*C (my gauge's max for these two sensors) sitting in traffic too, but cool to low forties when travelling at 60kph for a few minutes. Oil and water cool to low-to-mid eighties when travelling at 60kph for a few minutes, too. The under-bonnet temps used to climb into the 50+°C range and never return under all conditions prior to fitting the vents. I have noticed that 60kph is the minimum speed to start to reduce temps. This must be when the Bernoulli effect starts to draw air out through the vents properly.

I can confidently say that my rig is now Queensland-proof as far a general heat management goes 8)

As far a water management goes, the vents ended up sitting further forward than I had feared and only expose the very front of the power steering pump, alternator and A/C compressor. It essentially has the pulleys and drive belt exposed. One day, whilst parked at work, it drizzled all day and the water ingress was as expected, but to very little detrimental effect. It started up just fine. One pulley had a tiny smidge of surface rust on it that the belt would have eaten quick-smart.

This is pretty awesome by the way.

If you want a cheap sensor or two with more range, consider a mid-priced digital multimeter with "long cable" (separate purchase?) K-type thermocouple temp probes from Jaycar or similar. You could zip-tie the probe wires in place in different engine bay locations during the experimentation period.

Regarding water ingress, is it practical to attach little deflectors so (when the car is parked) rain isn't dripping on the engine accessories?

Great work though - please keep putting up pictures, details & results.
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Re: Potential market for Gen IV bonnet vents

Postby montyLalor » Thu Jan 05, 2023 2:00 pm

Tonic wrote:Yes looks good. For aesthetics another pair towards the windscreen and a similar distance from the fold would might (at least) look better but may also get more of the hot air out from around the back of the engine? Not much electronics under there being just inside the shock towers?

I'm not 100% happy with the placement & shape from a purely aesthetic point of view. It's a compromise I'm happy to accept, though, given their performance.
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Re: Potential market for Gen IV bonnet vents

Postby Taj » Sat Jan 07, 2023 9:53 pm

Hey good on you for following through!

Bonnet vents are always a good idea, and yours are well placed.
The best spot is right above the 'gap' between radiator and engine - pretty much exactly where yours are.

Don't worry about rainwater, unless you have shitty wiring plugs that have perished seals or something, you won't have any electrical issues. And like you mentioned, any rust on pulley ribs etc. will be wiped off quick-smart, just like brake rotors that have been sitting on rainy days.

I think they look good!

Here is what I've made out of an Outback bonnet for mine. On the rain thing, mine are directly above the fuel injectors and their connectors - no issues and it's been on there for probably almost 3 years.
Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 10.48.38 pm.png
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