O2 sensors, engine light

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O2 sensors, engine light

Postby GTB25T » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:58 pm

Please help with advice.
Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find in the search.
I'm throwing a fault code when engine light is on and cruise light flashes and stuck in S mode.

2007-08 Lib GT-spec B Auto.

Clear the code and it comes back randomly, sometimes just at traffic lights idling or driving.

It points to the Pre-Cat bank 1 O2 sensor to lean.

Injectors done, fuel filter done, MAF sensor done, plugs ok. Low km car.

The O2 sensor currently is 22641-AA420 Denso.

I only have access to working used ones to try 22690-AA520 and 22690 AA850.

Will it be safe to try them?

These are from other EJ255 turbo engines like WRX Sti and Forester GT same year range. why do Subaru have so many variants of O2 sensors where other vehicles try to keep some commonality between vehicles
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