Will King KSRL-29 Raise or Lower Gen4?

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Will King KSRL-29 Raise or Lower Gen4?

Postby Buppus » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:43 am

Hi, new to the forum from NY, USA.

I'm trying to find rear springs to pair with my new Koni yellows, and want to maintain stock height or lift slightly. It's looking like I need to pair with either OEM or Kings to get that.

From the catalog, it seems that King lists the KSR*-29 for both Outback and the Legacy/Liberty, which is very puzzling to me since OB springs are significantly longer than Legacy/Liberty. I have read that KSRL-29 will lower the Outback, but lift the Legacy, is that true?

If so, that's likely the preferable option for me because I do not want to lose any height in the rear and I would like a bit of increased stiffness.

Any help would be appreciated!

*Unnecessary background information*
My car is a 2005 USDM Outback XT Limited with a major suspension overhaul using Koni yellows. The front went swimmingly using my stock OB struts as donors for the Koni Inserts and then reusing the stock OB springs, but the rear is a nightmare when it comes to ride quality, and the USDM OB springs are so overcompressed that they are bowing out laterally and gouging the side wall of my drivers side rear tire. With this setup (Koni's with USDM stock OB Springs), I lowered 1/4" in the front and 3/4" in the rear, and then used 1" spacers on the rear tophats to lift the rear back up for a net forward rake of 1/2". I like the stance but obviously the rear springs have to go.
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