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2.5i Gen 4 Suspension

Postby Pak75 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:12 am

HI all
Have read through most of Suspension topics and most posts seem to relate to Spec B GT, STI and Premium Libertys.
I have a MYO8 bog standard 2.5i (100k km) which apparently needs suspension redoing.
I understand stock 2.5i Subaru rear shocks are oil filled but most after market shocks are now gas filled.
What shocks do people recommend for 2.5i?
PS I love my LIberty but my one complaint is that ride is a little hard, seeming to feel every bump in the road. However apparently any upgrade to a more sporty suspension will make ride even harder?
I do not go track racing but enjoy tight handling....
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