Questions/observations comparing gen 4 to GD/GC impreza's

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Questions/observations comparing gen 4 to GD/GC impreza's

Postby vicious_fishes » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:50 am

Ok so, there's quite a few mods that you can do on the impreza that you can on the liberty. I thought I'd make a comparo list and also add my unknowns/questions. For example:

Grimmspeed AOS is installable using "custom" tubing to the right ports.
Factory oil warmer/cooler delete and running an aftermarket bar & plate oil cooler in the exact same way.
Throttle body coolant bypass.
Gen 4 front suspension design is the same as the 08+ impreza and parts like the anti-lift kit are interchangeable. Same with the roll centre adjustment kit.
Front bumper beam is alloy but still removable.
Crank pulleys are the same on the 4cyl, nothing exists for the 6cyl. I had one custom made for the h6 and have been selling a few on the forums.
The front knuckles, despite still being 5x100, are far larger/different/heavier on the gen 4. Could I swap to the impreza knuckles and save a ton of weight off the front end or are the struts a different bolt hole pattern?
Gen 3 thicker rad can be directly swapped with gen 4 with minor mods - need to run another tube to overflow tank and one of each rad fan's top mounts cannot bolt on so needs to be ziptied.
steering racks from 01-07 impreza do not fit. I'm told I need an 08+ one to change over (i had a spec C one i was going to install). No confirmation of this as yet.
The steel & alloy arms are different geometry on the impreza but I'm told are not on the lib. Probably not worth changing over for the tiny weight saving.
08+ impreza seats are interchangeable but the airbag plugs are different so you need to snip & solder.
brakes are a straight swap over as long as the wheels clear. big lib brakes are almost as big as brembo's however.
driveshafts are the same length as the 08+ impreza, but I have no idea if the center bearing mount is in the same spot. Not that this matters with aftermarket shafts.

How about fender braces, does the gen 4 have them? If so, are they the same as the impreza?

Feel free to add your own/mention anything I've missed.
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