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Postby alexeiwoody » Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:51 pm

kiwigene wrote:It takes 2-3 small flat-head screwdrivers, patience, perseverance and swearing...

Haha if that's a pic of your pump, can see all the frustration vented on the plastic clips :D

Good job man, and kudos for using a single o-ring. It worked fine/great for quite a few cars (ones that had correctly installed pumps) including my own. Trying to fit 2 o-rings in that small space is probably not the best idea either, better to ditch the plastic retainer and go 5 (give or take a few) o-rings instead.

And just because I can't resist having a feisty argument :twisted: when I hear Matt's bro-science - I highly doubt Adam's stock pump is going to fall apart from running P100 for a few months. :oops: :lol:

Adam my DW65C, worked great up to 260kwatw, then started to run out of flow up top. That's on E85, so you'll have even more headroom on 98 and stock engine.
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