Will worn centre diff wear other driveline components?

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Will worn centre diff wear other driveline components?

Postby TFish » Fri Mar 05, 2021 10:46 pm

Hi all,

I have a 6spd manuel 2007 2.5T Lib GT-B with around 250,000klms on the clock, a road tune, front strut bar, a couple of whiteline bushes and subwoofer replacement as mods.

The centre diff is definitely having issues (low speed lumpiness with driveshafts, bearings, bushes, tyres, etc being not the problem, Docklands Subaru also diagnosed the issue as the centre diff) and I'm starting an autocross season and it's my daily driver for work purposes.

t's an economical car for me and I'm not precious about giving it a hard time or getting to the point that I don't need to try to fix the car any more.

I got it at a good price and can either spend money on it to keep it going or shred it to pieces and it wouldn't bother me. I just can't justifying upgrading to something better because it's just sooo good as it is even compared to newer wrx/sti models imho, so if I used it up I wouldn't be sad and ready to move on but not until either something better comes along or it shits the bed. The dirt autocross circuit will give it a harder time for about 1 min x 6 times once a month.

My question is whether it's ok to wear the centre diff out further before replacement given I expect to replace the clutch and centre diff reasonably soon (say in the next 6 months). I've been driving it with the worn centre diff for probably 20-40,000klms at this stage and so I'm a bit used to it. Would this be wearing or risking other components? My daily driving could be up to 1000klms/wk and include travel from Melb out to Bendigo and back/highway driving or just around the corner/city driving.

The rear diff appears to be in good condition just based on the oil changes and no symptoms. The gearbox works well although there is some synchro wear evident. I had docklands Subaru STi workshop look over the car and change the valve cover gaskets and timing kit and a few other things so it's fairly well serviced. I hooked up at 6.5k rpm today for an on-ramp drag off with an XR8 and used the road tune's flat shifting (lol, he was upset). It's been working flawlessly like this since I bought it. I feel like the clutch is too old and happy to replace it but it's not worn yet. Only problem I've had was overheating when it would allow extra revs under medium load after abusing it but after cooling down it works like normal again.

One other issue is that the climate control works but the display is now blank after years of service. I've pulled out the stereo/dash and checked the immediate wiring and no issues, splits, etc. all very robust factory wiring there which I haven't dug in to.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Will worn centre diff wear other driveline components?

Postby BillyCorgi » Sat Mar 06, 2021 9:44 am

Come on, spend the money on the car.
A CorgiWerx refurbished Centre Diff is not that expensive.

If the centre differential is already "lumpy" then it is already worn-out; dickered, end of life.
Further agrevated driving will only do damage to the centre diff and possibly cost you a core charge if you do go the CorgiWerx replacement route.

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