MY06 Lib Heat shield removal - help?

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MY06 Lib Heat shield removal - help?

Postby cowwws » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:56 pm

Hi all - I'm replacing my (dead) VF38 with a MAMBA TD04HL-19T and got as far as draining fluids but removing tmic but have got stuck on removing the heat shield for the turbo.

I've got 5 of the 10mm bolts out (I think there are 7 total?) but the last two seem to be impossible (for me) to find - can anyone offer some hints/tips on how to get to the last two? Have watched a couple of US youtube vids where the last two seem to be just down the left side of the shield, but not on mine :(

Failing this can anyone on my side of Melbourne help out with the full swap out? I'm in Moonee Ponds. I'm happy to offer going rate for turbo change (was quoted $350 by gotitrex a while ago). Need it done fairly asap as the wife is starting to get a bit grumpy with the 'family wagon' being off the road...

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Re: MY06 Lib Heat shield removal - help?

Postby nzsub » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:52 am

On my '07 JDM LGT, I had to remove the intercooler to get at one under that. Then there was one on top, one behind (firewall side), one down low on the drivers side. That's 4. Then the PITA ones were kinda underneath the firewall attached to the downpipe on the drivers side. I had to jack the car up and get at them from below. A racheting spanner is your friend. Once they were all removed, it was a lot of jiggling around to get it out.

The annoying part was....I did all this to get at the turbo oil feed banjo bolt to remove the filter only to find it's actually under the turbo inlet pipe on my model which requires removing the whole intake manifold :x
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