Backfire through intake/stumbling/hesitation 04 GT Man

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Backfire through intake/stumbling/hesitation 04 GT Man

Postby NickDavies » Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:10 pm

This issue started randomly roughly 2 months after fitting a bigger turbo + supporting mods at 198,000km. happens after 10psi and its severity varies a fair bit
Mods are as follows:
TD05-18g twin scroll
07 JDM STI manifold
HKS GRB twin cat dump and 3” cat back
Grimmspeed 3 port
KOBE inlet
Moshimoto CAI with custom MAF housing (has been scaled)
Turbosmart IWG75
tuned on BP98 by Dan at Rumble Shack

Mods done at 196K, problem started at 198K, now at 200K with major service completed.
Work done so far:
new working MAF
New NGK ir plugs
new coil pack on cyl 1 where the plug was melted when removed
smoke tested multiple times, no leaks

Dan has done logging and tests on it twice, the first time showing a lean AFR on boost, the second time a few days ago showing AFRs to be all good but still exactly the same problem persists. Fuel economy is 15L/100km all highway cruising (used to be 8 ), no CEL or any codes stored whatsoever.

Dan believes that it may be Wastegate/boost control related but that doesn’t explain the backfire through the intake. I was leaning towards remaining coilpacks being stuffed or burnt out valves and seats/springs being such an old engine with a tough life (previous owner wasn’t too good with servicing)

Any ideas would be great this is killing me!
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