2017 wrx hp on 93 gas and methanol injection

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2017 wrx hp on 93 gas and methanol injection

Postby Knoxor » Fri Sep 15, 2023 10:59 am

Anyone using methanol in their 2015+ wrx?
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Re: 2017 wrx hp on 93 gas and methanol injection

Postby bigBADbenny » Sat Sep 16, 2023 6:48 pm

Member Kiahatsui might know someone, otherwise our resident tune gurus?

Generally, e85 is the detonation and extra power solution, with either detuning or headroom mods.
Is e85 available locally to you?

Personally, I want to WM diy w/ HP nozzle in intake manifold supplied by an espresso pump w/ failsafes. An idea nicked entirely from the Autozone site.

So WM is awesome, but being an essentially a complete secondary fuel water injection system, it can bring considerations as a power adder, eg providing more tune headroom.

Or simply detonation prevention/engine steam cleaning.

So the more invested in your build, the more attractive the proposition.

The primary fail safe, in addition to WM flow and tank level sensing, if not automatically switching to a limp map (eg aftermarket ecu support), is reverting the ebcs to wastegate spring pressure, this may be configured with or without DTC trigger.

Generally a switched ground relay, intercepts and cuts power to the ebcs. triggering a relevant DTC a resultant limp map, limiting the wastegate to spring pressure. The relay circuit can be configured to also not throw a DTC but still enable wastegate spring pressure.

This doesn’t negate a faulty wastegate, meaning a boost pressure alarm or failsafes might be desirable.

Multiple failsafes that can trigger a relay that, in effect, will limp the ecu, ensuring a degree of system safety.

There’s also aftermarket wbo2 WM failsafes, and complete kits from eg AEM and CoolingMist.

As concerns HP added headroom, this is entirely application dependent, but in general I’d guess the ballpark would be same or less than e85, with WM and e85 being a largely pointless but potentially fun exercise.
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