05 GT manual and tbSTi auto questions

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05 GT manual and tbSTi auto questions

Postby MdMa » Sun May 29, 2022 11:53 am

I used to own a MY00 GC8 V6 STi, and have missed the rumble in my life.
I'm keen to get the preface lift, as I prefer the looks (specifically the headlights), and that fact it's a 2L, but of course would like to do a single scroll conversion for said rumble.

It will be my daily so I'm not chasing power, if it makes 130 awkw, that's fine.
What are the go mods/brands to do this conversion?

How well does the 5EAT cope long term; are there any common issues or should I stick with the manual?
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Re: 05 GT manual and tbSTi auto questions

Postby bigBADbenny » Wed Jan 04, 2023 7:49 am

Headers, uppipe, dump & turbo will need to be swapped out for a single scroll turbo conversion.

You’ll probably require a tune as well.

A tcu tune can help the auto shift points and line pressures.

The manual preface GT has a TY75 type 5mt gearbox, these are less durable than the postfl 6mt but can cope fine if driven considerately.
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