6 speed pre and post facelift

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6 speed pre and post facelift

Postby Mfaizi » Thu Apr 07, 2022 4:47 pm

Hi all again,

Could someone elaborate on the differences between the 6 speed in pre and post facelift gearboxes.

From my research the pre facelift is far from the sti boxes where as post face lift is closer minus 5th and 6th ratio?

Does this mean that the pre-face lift box is not as strong or cant handle as much power?

Also are short shifter kits interchangeable amongst models with 6 speed?

Sorry I am new to Libertys and can’t find the information!

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Re: 6 speed pre and post facelift

Postby bigBADbenny » Fri Apr 15, 2022 5:24 am

Prefl 6 mt is the same as postfl GT-b, but being the h6 equipped car it’s supplied with an r160 viscous rear diff.

Some say the box ratios are different but I doubt it, never seen proof, meaning the difference if any, is insignificant.

Either way they're both long ratio, 1.1:1 transfer ratio aka drop gears, 3.54 rear diff ratio, 3.9 final drive.

The lib 6mt differ substantially in differential spec from STi 6mt but the mechanical durability levels of the gear sets are similar if not the same.

Shifters are also liberty/legacy specific, eg cobb adjustable, CorgiWerx adapter. The difference is due to the shifter being offset, iirc.

The Lib 6mt are open front diff, viscous limited slip centre diffs. H6 6mt are all r160 viscous rear diffs, 2.5t GTb postfl are torsen r180 rear diff.

Corgiwerks make affordable vlscd reco and "weight" upgrades.

Sti torsen and Cusco etc plate front diffs for the STi 6mt will fit the Lib boxes.
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