What to check or replace? Imported JDM EZ30R Swap

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What to check or replace? Imported JDM EZ30R Swap

Postby ddmme » Wed Jul 22, 2020 1:56 am

I am getting ready to swap an EZ30R into my Forester using a Haltech 2500. It will be turbocharged. I am aiming for 300whp to keep things reliable based on what I have read others having success with. Should I replace anything on the engine while it is out? Thanks.
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Re: What to check or replace? Imported JDM EZ30R Swap

Postby bigBADbenny » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:22 pm

It really depends on the k’s.
I’d replace anything soft and perishable, especially on the inlet side.

That’s all sensor & solenoid orings, eg cam sensors, avcs and alvs solenoids, both oil pressure sensors (a known leak point), injector seats & orings, inlet manifold & rocker cover gaskets, and the rear main seal.

Basically, anything that’s going to be a pain to do once the engine is in.

On my 280k 2.5t lib, every gasket, hose and oring around cyl3 near the turbo was cracked, brittle and leaking.

So do all you can to keep the heat in the headers, exhaust housing and dump.

The DCI 3 layer heat shielding would be my choice, wraps pose a fire risk if they get oil soaked.

That’s Diver Consolidated Industries in Melbourne.
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