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Liberty 3.0 2009 Head gasket

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:42 am
by pricey1985
I have just joined the Head gasket club.

I have a 2009 3.0 Liberty that had progressively been showing more and more symptoms of a blown head gasket. Every few days I am having to empty the radiator reservoir back into the radiator and top the coolant up, for it to slowly bubble back into the reservoir.

Now the car has 400k on the clock which is a damn good innings considering nothing major has gone wrong. It has many other little problems, so spending money on the head is pointless In my opinion.

Has anyone had any real success with head gasket fix like chemiweld or equivalent? I have always been skeptical with band aid fixes but considering the km's on the car I'm thinking why not, if it gets me a few months then I'll be happy.

There seems to be no oil/coolant mixing either way and the coolant system is just getting pressurised and bubbling into the reservoir. I have replaced the thermostat and cap recently.

Reading how the chemiweld works, it sets when exposed to air. Hense the instructions say to continue topping coolant up during the set cycle. My concern is as air/gasses are getting introduced through the head gasket and cycling through the system, the chemiweld will set whenever exposed to this air, potentially in the radiator or heater core causing more problems.

Is it worth giving it a go? Or should I just continue topping up the radiator, because at this stage the symptoms are manageable as annoying as it is.

Re: Liberty 3.0 2009 Head gasket

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:51 am
by nvmylh
I'd steer clear of the chemiweld!

If anything, keep an eye out for another engine to swap over (if you've got the tools and knowledge too).

Then you could possibly get another 100k out of it

Re: Liberty 3.0 2009 Head gasket

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:41 pm
by pricey1985
Thanks, might give chemiweld a pass

I have looked for a second hand engine but there is so many other problems that's making me think about pulling the pin on this one. Main ones being both cats are stuffed and throws a CEL weekly, auto gearbox plays up when cold, aircon fan noisy, brake discs warped, tyres need replacing, ect.

It has been a great car and I have certainly got my monies worth out of it.